Rapacious Rent

The thread that runs right through this paper requires readers to understand what we mean when we talk about rent. No doubt many people, if they think about “rent”, think of, predominantly, what people without a home of their own pay to live in someone else’s spare property, or, more broadly, a fee one pays to hire someone else’s capital […]

Oxford’s Green Noose in the News

The weekend saw a desultory rally of assorted anti-neighbour groups in Woodstock, following their “parish poll” to decide whether they should continue to oppose new housing near the town. This was reported on by the Oxford Mail, and has generated an assortment of comments. I thought it would be good to post one of my more strident ones here, just […]

Acknowledging our real sinners!

Channel 4’s Cathy Newman’s cornering of Tim Farron in one of his first high profile media appearances after his election as Lib Dem leader was hardly one of the history’s great moments of theological disputation. But Tim’s apparent inability or unwillingness to clarify convincingly whether he believed, as a committed Christian, that homosexuality was a “sin” set off a flurry […]

Planning: All poverty, no progress

Last night I attended a debate on Green Belt policy here at Brookes, organised by the Royal Town Planning Institute and mainly, it appears, based on last autumn’s Adam Smith Institute’s research paper “The Green Noose” by Tom Papworth, who was there to defend his work in front of what at times was a hostile audience. The main opposing speaker […]

Back to the Future…

Wow, three posts in three days. My disdain for the political process is clearly not enough for me to ignore all its ramifications! Of course you decide how much of this, like so many post mortem/what next posts, to give any weight to. The best I can say is that I have never left the party. In spite of close […]