The Man Versus The State

Herbert Spencer photographSo for the latest of my forays into reading audiobooks I have decided to embark on a reading of Herbert Spencer’s “The Man Versus The State” which is cited several times in the previous book, “Our Enemy The State” by Albert Jay Nock, who also provides an introduction in the Online Library of Liberty edition I have used for this recording.

Each of the essays probably deserve a post of their own, because they all have a tremendous resonance with some of today’s pressing issues, especially as we go into a general election.  So for this post I will just link to the audio files.  Once again, there are individual MP3s for each section, an M4B file more suitable for iTunes and iPod/iPhone playing which are recognised as audiobook format and contain chapter information, and a Zip file of all the MP3s for downloading.

The Online Library of Liberty edition I have used contains much more than the four essays originally included in “The Man Versus The State” when first published.  But since I wanted to read his critique of the Liberal Party around the time of Gladstone before going to the Liberal History Group event next week, I’ve decided to release this section now, which is the original work, and record the other essays and add them as and when.

NB – I have not gone through all of these chapters with the proverbial fine-toothed comb for errors and slips, but I think they’re all pretty well intelligible and that any errors will be relatively trivial (and so more difficult for me to find and correct!).

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