UPDATED: Who is the real Nutt?

Over the past few years we have had a series of recommendations to change the way we deal with drugs, from scholars, scientists, even top policemen, as well as people whom the government has hired specifically to look into the issues. Blakemore, Birt, and now Nutt (and whatever you think of Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom of North Wales police him too) have all concluded, after reasoned study and argument that our current system is not fit for purpose and does more harm than good.

Not a single one of these people is remotely what you could call "pro-drugs".  Not one of them has any kind of vested interest in the outcome.

Yet every single time their recommendations have been trashed by the rank amateurs we supposedly hire to "represent" us, with an interest in the votes of the Daily Mail and Express readership and so on.

So, since there’s bound to be an election in the next sixteen months, remember this: Prohibition is killing people, the world over. Politicians who vote for prohibition are sanctioning these deaths. And every single bloody one of you who votes for a politician that supports prohibition is guilty of aiding and abetting these state sanctioned murders and executions.

And there can be no more important issue than a policy that kills. The law is supposed to be about protecting us, not making the dangers immeasurably worse. 

There are so many tragedies in life for which government is not responsible and on which people then call for action – fair play. But these are tragedies the blame for which sits squarely and I would say almost invariably at the door of number 10 and St Stephen’s entrance. They are disgusting and immoral. Whatever you think of drugs themselves and the people who use them.

Now – it’s Saturday – why don’t you all toddle off down the pub and drink yourself senseless. Murdering Morons! Yes, you people of Redditch especially!

UPDATE:  It seems as if the Pro-Death Alliance and their gang of thugs at the tabloids and scary news vendors might have hounded Prof David Nutt into resigning from ACMD

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